How it works…

There are three simple steps to engaging our services:

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Step One: Contact us to arrange an initial discussion, using the online form. (*There is no charge for this. It is an important basis of our work that schools are able to contact us with no obligation or commitment at all, so that they are then free to explore options and ideas before making any financial commitment.)

Having had the initial discussion, if you would then like to progress:

Step Two: Arrange a consultation, either at your school, the Coffee Bean Education Office in Taunton, or another convenient location, at which you can discuss your needs in greater depth and the scope of our input. Following this, you will receive a detailed and costed proposal for your approval.

Step Three: On receipt of your instruction, we will contact the school directly to arrange the schedule of work to be done.


RATES for Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Initial consultation (Step 2 in the process) £150
(allow 2 hours)

Packages are tailored according to each school’s needs, but consultancy time is costed at £600 per day. A day usually runs from 0900hrs to 1600hrs with a working lunch, but all hours are negotiable. Subsequent days with the same school are charged at £575

Half days (up to 4 hours) are charged at £350

Twilight Sessions (up to 2 hours) £175

Time spent planning, reading documents, analysing data, report writing and travelling (where long distances are involved) will be included pro rata.

Travel expenses will be charged in addition. This will be either rail travel or £0.45 per mile, as appropriate. 

Accommodation will be charged where an overnight stay is necessitated. 

For international work, recompense for accommodation, transfers and premium economy or business flights will be negotiated, depending on the distance and length of stay.


Confirmed bookings cannot be cancelled without full charges being payable unless at least one calendar month's notice is given.