Growing up third...

Photo by Devonyu/iStock / Getty Images

Prompted by the arrival of the latest Royal baby, the Office for National Statistics has revealed that there were 696,271 live births in 2016. Of these, 100,359 were mothers' third-born children.

Clinical psychologist Linda Blair commented that there are certain personality traits that can come from your standing among siblings. "You get wiser with each child. So third-born children grow up with more relaxed boundaries. There are the children most likely to be creative and risk takers. They can try anything. The third child has a lot of people to look up to."

IS that true? A fundamental belief at Coffee Bean Education is that ALL children should have the opportunity to explore their creative capacities and that good schools create the circumstances and environment for that to happen. Whether you are the oldest or youngest sibling, creativity is something that we can all pick up and explore.